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Is this App extinct like the Dinos?

I would love to give this app a great review but since Ive been waiting for over a year for any new continents to be unlocked I cant remember why I still have this app on my phone. If/when they do unlock I would love to play again but cant until the developers get moving?

False Advertising! Does NOT offer the 6 continents it promises.

Dino Quests description clearly states that you can choose "Asia" & "the Americas" to excavate, but the makers have not designed those 3 portions of the game (in the 2 years theyve had to do it). The game is deceptively made to look as though those places will be available after you complete the other continents with the promise, "coming soon" & little padlocks. Possibly they intended to add these & never got around to it? Regardless, they are advertising something they dont offer, & thats not legal in the U.S. (So, PLEASE, do not spend money on this app trying to unlock those next levels, it wont work.) Also, contact information does not let you communicate with developers (an Italian company?). So theres no way to ask them for help or a refund. The best course of action is through the Federal Trade Commission/Consumer Protection Bureau. I wouldnt raise such a fuss, except that young children play these games--children who are not too young to know theyre being cheated.

Super Fun Game!!! But..

This game is amazing and I love it a lot!! I recommend-kids and teens should play this. But one thing that I dont like....theres no more spots to build/find fossils! Theyre locked..I wait and wait and no update for them. Please hurry quick to get those spots unlocked for us players! After all, I like this game and rate it 5 stars! Thank you.

Easter Egg

In Europe in a dig site there is a creeper face


My kids just love this game but they have completely finished clearing Australia and Africa. When are the next continents going to be unlocked? Impatiently waiting.


First review

This Game is Amazingly Epic!

Five Stars!

Love this game!

My son absolutely loves this game and is so excited to play and dig up dinosaur bones like a real palaeontologist! We are anxiously waiting for Asia and the Americas to be unlocked as all other levels have been completed. PLEASE HURRY!!!

Excessive advertisements

Game was average at first then you get bombarded with tonnes of advertisements for random junk. Deleted the game as a result because it wasnt worth it in the end really.

Needs an update

It was good while it lasted, but it needs an update, it needs more places and more dinosaurs! So plz update

Fun, educational too!

I really like this game, pay a buck to get rid of the ads, it is worth it

Awesome game pleas make update

Add new update for new levels and add Antarctica

Unlock the other places

Ive been waiting for Asia and the Americas for almost a year

Pretty good

It is disappointing that Asia and Americas dont unlock after completing Europe. My son loves this game but is growing impatient. Btw...I agree, pay the dollar to get rid of the ads!

Update pls

I complete the game, lm wait the next update

Good game

Good game, but not everything working propertly. For example its not possible to blow rocks with TNT :(


Dont understand how to use tnt, please make an instruction or something to make it clear Maybe its just a bug in the app, please fix it

Add the remaining continents

And get more stars!

Purchasing app does NOT unlock the 4th & 5th levels

Also, contact information does not let you communicate with developers (an Italian company?). So theres no way to let them know the issues.


We are at the same stand-still as the above. The last 2 regions just say coming soon and are not opening. We are eager to move on!! Also, we found 1 DNA egg but now even sure how. Are there more for us to find? We love watching the transformations. Please advise, thanks

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